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Why choose Exotic Mt. Treks?

Why choose Exotic Mt. Treks Pvt. Ltd.?


Professional trekking and climbing staff:  We have well trend, wealth experience, loyal, friendly, deep understanding of mountain trekking guides, technical skills and safety mountaineer, reliability and credibility dedicated team with the sprint of exploration at new destination compel your sojourn a memorable one.


Trekking cook and kitchen helpers: Adaptable and innovative cook and kitchen boys who make hygienic and safe vegetable or non-vegetable meals during our camping treks and expeditions.


State-of-the-art equipment: Of course, equipment is another element of being prepared which means we have the best equipment available in markets. Our travelling vehicles have the outstanding driver and have had a hundred percent safety records. We use tents by renowned companies or one that we have designed and have custom manufactured here in Kathmandu. Above the 5500 meters trek and expeditions, we will use a hyperbaric portable Altitude Chamber, Oxygen Cylinders, satellite phone, and Oximeters upon request.                                                             

Cultural guide: We can provide efficient guides who can speak French, German and Italian languages if the English language is not sufficient.                             


Price: We have built excellent prices because we have been handling large numbers of clients from different countries.


Environment: We always give attention to the environment, cultural sensitivity and responsibility of the Himalayas. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.


Dedicated service: We share our enthusiasm, strength, connections, and ability to compel things to happen. We have been learning about mountain passion, nature and the different local people of our beautiful mountain terrain. We try to keep our natural beauty and its originality. More than two decades experience in adventure tourism and exploration teach us what to do.


Prompt response: The salesman of our head office based in Kathmandu will get back to you within 24 hrs once you table questions and comments. 


Up to the date information: Our team is always in trekking fields which mean we are up-to-date with the latest information. 


Money value: We have built our reputation and are well established for the quality services among the customers. Value of money does not necessarily mean being the cheapest.


Flexibility: The itineraries we have been providing on our official site is to make an idea. We usually make tailor-made itineraries as per your time, demand and places of trips ideally. 


The best network: Our Kathmandu office is fully computerized and able to track your holiday from the moment you arrive in Nepal to the time of your departure. Our worldwide networking tour operators might help you design your trips upon request.


Safety: We always take it seriously to ensure health and safety matters of our customers by taking care under their advice. We never skip or cut corners for our valuable participants.    

Group and individual:  We accept both group and individual travellers. We know from our past experience to recognize the fact that group travel or individual travel does not suit everyone. 

Exotic Mt. Treks

Nepal is a landlocked country nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas region with a total area of 147,516 km with 103 ethnic groups. Nepal has tremendous geographical diversity and three different types of landforms, the Himalayas in Nepal, the hills and valleys, and the Tarai region. The Himalayas and their foothills make up the northern China border of 1389 km. Similarly, the south plain land with east and west hilly areas make up the Indian border which is 1770 km. The highest point in this country is Mt. Everest (8848.86m from the sea level); the lowest point is Jhapa lying at 60m from sea level. The longest river is the Karnali River, and the biggest lake is Rara Lake. Nepal is truly the pinnacle of beauty in South Asia.

Trekking in Nepal means leaving footprints while traversing uphill and downhill, crossing the high passes and suspension bridges, exploring and enjoying the scenery in unspoiled wilderness, viewing Crystal Clear Mountains, and enjoying the glaciers, waterfalls, and mountains in Nepal.

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Published on: Friday, June 28th, 2013

Dear Shankar, We are back in Germany, full of impressions and new experiences. It was a very great journey in Nepal and Tibet, without any problems. That's why we have to say a big THANKS to you and your friend for the perfect organization. I think that this kind of contact between an ... Peter, Germany

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Trekking in Nepal

Friday, May 1st, 2020

Trekking in Nepal is a pinnacle of South Asian tourism, enchantment is everywhere. Low land is 57m in East. Top of the world Mount Everest is 8848.86m from sea level. Our trekking team are experts at ...


Friday, July 27th, 2012

For arrival visa in Nepal: Tourists entering Nepal from abroad by air or land must submit a cerificate of full vaccination against covid 19. Tourist who are unable to submit such cerficate will have ...